Registering bower components

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Registering a Bower component is a really simple process when you know how. Unfortunately the documentation on the bower site is a little too suggestive so I thought it would be good to give a basic step through on resistering and updating a bower compoment.

Once you're happy with your component and you've updated the version (versions should based off semver) in the bower.json in the root of your project you'll need to push those changes up to your master git branch.

  # Update the `bower.json` version number, for example: "version": "0.1.0"
  $ git push origin master

  # Create a git tag based off of this version
  $ git tag v0.1.0

  # Now push this tag to your git repo
  $ git push origin v0.1.0

Next you just need to inform the bower registry of your new component by running:


Your component should now be installable via the bower install command:

  $ bower install NAME_OF_YOUR_COMPONENT

Updating is just as simple, just update your bower.json version, push that to master, create a git tag based off of that and push that tag up to your git repo.